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Yosuke Fukuda (福田 陽介)

I'm currently working as a research specialist at STAIR Lab, Chiba Institute of Technology. I'm also a Ph.D. course student in Computer Software Group (Igarashi/Suenaga Lab), Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, under the supervision of Prof. Atsushi Igarashi.

My general research interest is to investigate the Curry–Howard correspondence, focusing on: (1) foundation of programming languages; (2) constructive type theory and constructive proof theory; (3) type-theoretic applications of proof-theoretic semantics. Currently, I've been working on the following topics:

  1. A geometry of interaction machine for (multi-)staged computation.
  2. A virtual machine for meta-programming with a first-class macro mechanism.

I have thought that I am a theoretical computer scientist and I may not be a non-logician. (But this can't be "I am a logician." :p)


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